E-Bike Motors 101

Greetings and welcome to our introduction to understanding the nuanced differences you’ll see amongst the best of the best in eBike motors. See below to find our list of the top 3 things you may or may not have known about these well-designed machines.

#1. Why use an electric motor?

The reason electric bike motors are used is to provide the rider with pedal assistance and a speedy start.  These quiet motors are the difference between showing up to work in a sweat or not.  The quick start allows riders to go from a standstill to being up and running in a fast manner without having to push to get going.

#2. How the motors make the difference

The motor is what makes an E-Bike an E-Bike. It works by modulating power throughout the bike based on how much pedaling is being done using either cadence or torque sensors in peddle-assisted E-Bikes.

Throttles also exits on some bikes, though may be regulated by local principalities on usage (check local guidelines when using throttles). These throttles allow the rider to operate the motor without relying on pedaling.

#3. Three types of motors

When deciding on an E-Bike, it’s important to compare the different types of motors to find a bike that matches your riding style and comfort. There are three basic types of E-Bike motors to pay attention to.

  • Mid-Drive Motors: Positioned in the center of the bike, normally mounted on the bottom bracket.
  • Direct Drive Hub Motors: The center shaft of the motor is the rear axle on these bikes, and the motor spins around the axle which pushes the bike forward.
  • Geared Hub Motors: These are similar to Direct Drive Motors except that these are smaller and involve interior gears resulting in more torque but trading off for a lesser top-speed. 

Electric motors transform the biking experience to be more enjoyable and a more fulfilling time on the bike.  We’d love to chat with you about motors and more! So give us a call at 614-826-5155