Tern Launches New Modular Accessories For Family Biking

Family biking should be easy, fun and relaxing. It is only getting easier now that in late 2021, electric bicycle manufacturer, Tern has created a new line of modular accessories to make their family biking that much easier.  Read below on three of their new products and then consider checking out some of their fantastic bikes yourself!

Clubhouse Fort Mini

“The Clubhouse Fort system is a collection of three accessories—the Clubhouse Mini, Storm Box Mini, and Storm Shield Mini—that can carry one child in a weather-protected compartment for comfortable all-year riding.”

The Fort System allows riders to mix and match these three products to best suite their riding style and help the young ones along for the journey stay comfortable and safe.

Doghouse Mini

“The Doghouse Mini is comprised of three different accessories—Clubhouse Mini, Soft Crate Mini, and Dog Roof Mini—that create a safe, protected space for a small or mid-sized dog.”

Pet owners generally love to take their four-legged friends with them all over and now, thanks to Tern, it’s easier than ever!  This safe and reliable system opens up a whole new world of travel for our canine companions.

WeatherTop Bag

“Tern is also launching a waterproof bag designed for the Transporteur Rack and the Hauler Rack—two of Tern’s most popular front rack options. The bag serves as a great complement to the Clubhouse Fort Mini and the Doghouse Mini, boosting the bike’s front capacity and helping riders carry everything they need when out for a ride with the family.”

This great and stylish bag carries up to 45 liters and is perfect and branded-appropriately for any Tern cargo bike and any destination ahead!


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