As an eBike sales and service provider with over 8 years as the #1 Electric Bicycle Dealer in Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia and Kentucky, Orbit City Bikes is the perfect one-stop-shop for the highest quality eBikes in the world.

Orbit City Bikes specializes in Electric Bicycle Sales and Service, and we are passionate about electric bicycles. They make bike riding fun! Whether you have injuries that keep you from biking currently or you need a healthier way to commute to work without showing up all sweaty, an electric bike is for you. We carry bikes for comfort riding, commuting, trail riding, and performance road rides. 

Located in the Clintonville neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio, we a poised to serve all of Central Ohio.  Our main brands are Gazelle, Serial 1, Riese & Muller, and Urban Arrow.

We typically have over 25 different models in-stock for FREE TEST RIDES.

How We Got Our Name:

Part of the joy of starting a business is to come up with a name that reflects what you do. Ours only does it secretly. So I will let you in on our secret! I loved the Jetsons when I was younger. It was so futuristic. I wondered what kind of bike would they ride if they were here today. Of course they would ride an electric bike! And they lived in Orbit City. Thus, Orbit City Bikes!

Never ridden an eBike before?

We offer a free test ride where you can try out these amazing machines and the feeling you’ll get from these smooth rides!